Curtain, Carpet, Upholstery Cleaning Services

Pre- and Post-Occupational Cleaning

We can clean your new house before you move in, so that you can have time to do all your moving arrangements. And if you want to leave your house in a crisp and clean state for the new owners once you have moved out, call the Active Cleaning Team.

We also clean offices, restaurants, lodges and hotels.

Active Cleaning Team also specializes in cleaning up your premises due to flood damage.

We specialise in:

  • Pre-occupational cleaning to make sure your house/office or your tenant's house/office is clean and inviting before moving in.
  • Post-occupational cleaning to make sure your house/office or your tenant's house/office is spotless after moving out.

We also offer:

  • Spring cleaning Services for homes & offices.
  • Contract cleaning on either a weekly/monthly basis or as you require.
  • Once-off-cleaning to bring everything up-to-date.

Full service cleaning & sanitising kitchen, bathrooms, floors, walls, cupboards, windows, carpets etc.

Are you moving in or out of a house / apartment that requires a full clean. Perhaps you have tenants changing over - We will take care of all the cleaning needs.

Expertise and capability to provide the necessary care for all the various soft furnishings used in hotels, restaurants, commercial properties and homes.

We offer a one-stop cleaning service for all soft surfaces, on a coordinated basis, and at suitable and convenient times. This ensures minimum disruption of the intricacies of your business operations, and provides an efficient and verified, well managed hygiene and cleaning solution.

We will provide a detailed quote following an initial meeting, which will enable us to assess and ascertain your particular requirements.

Our on-site cleaning methods will save you time and money.

Our cleaning teams are high-caliber employees. They work in teams to ensure high energy levels.

We provide once-off cleaning, but also offer cleaning contracts.



Our Commitment:

  • We do not take short-cuts on our Cleaning
  • We deliver a top-quality Cleaning Service.
  • Our Cleaning Team work to the highest
    standard and code of practice.

Contact Us for your next cleaning


  • Convenience - Our Cleaning Team will re-drape your Curtains to the original look.
  • Multiple areas can be cleaned during one visit (Curtains, Upholstery and Carpets).
  • Our Cleaning Team is professionally trained to provide customers with the best quality services ensuring they experience the highest levels of satisfaction.
  • We guarantee no shrinkage, colour runs or damage in any way.

Cleaning Gallery

Masterguard Fabric Protection

Fabric Protection
Features and Benefits

Prevents oil and water-based stains.

Dirt and dust will not penetrate the fibres of your fabric, all you do is vacuum.

Masterguard Fabric Protection does not alter the 'feel' of the fabric.

Increases the fabric life of your furniture, protecting your investment.

Contains no silicones, fabric does not attract dust.

Stops mildew, furniture stays fresh.

Protects the fibres of the fabric, material does not retain odours.

Contains a UV3 sunscreen to prevent fading, your fabric looks newer and brighter for longer.

Non-toxic when dry - safe for the environment.


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